Best place to buy yourself giant plastic bling (2008)


Even if you're an old-fashioned sort who still thinks that serious rocks should come from and be paid for by someone else, sometimes you need to show yourself some love. You deserve a present. Enter Cinderella. When you first walk in, you're just kidding—a gargantuan disco ball perched on your finger? Hilarious. But the longer you're in there, the easier it becomes to lose all perspective and think, "This does kind of look like J.Lo's second engagement ring," or Cameron Diaz's hoop earrings, or the charm that Carrie wore around her neck on Sex and the City, which, after all, was meant to be ironic. But fashion forward at the same time . . . right? Luckily, by the time you face reality about a week later, you'll have gotten your money's worth.


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