Best place to celebrate the fact that the printed word, after all, is not (or not quite) dead (2008)

Printed Matter, Inc.

Art is where you find it, and for many that means where you can afford it: in the studios of friends, in galleries that show the works of those hopefuls euphemistically known as "emerging," and sometimes even on the street. Point being that good, reasonably priced art is out there, and if your taste in such things tends toward the experimental and the graphic, then Printed Matter, Inc. is your new mecca. This nonprofit foundation fosters the appreciation and dissemination of artwork through large, inexpensive editions, including artists' books and videos, single prints and editions, postcards and other ephemera, as well as catalogs and periodicals—often in very unusual formats. Items start at 50 cents for a mass-produced Gilbert & George card and go right up to 10 grand for the deluxe Printed Matter Photography Portfolio V: [Untitled/Nudes], which includes original prints by Donald Baechler, Cecily Brown, Larry Clark, Zoe Leonard, Paul McCarthy, Albert Oehlen, and others. And if you missed the recent exhibition Fuck for Peace: A History of the Fugs, then why did you miss it? Now if they only did bridal registries and holiday wish lists.


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