Best place to celebrate the fact that your waist size now equals your age (2008)

D.L. Cerney

If those twiglike days of youth are long past (or if they existed only in your dreams), then, gents, hie thee to that timeless oasis of masculine finery, D.L. Cerney. The proprietor—the dapper, charismatic Mr. Cerney, who is his own best advertisement—will help you choose a perfectly wrought pair of his Hollywood-waist trousers in supple tropical-weight wools, snappy gabardines, or crisp linens, of the sort that make almost any guy of a certain age look like a he-man movie star of the Golden Era. Impeccably tailored sans waistband, Cerney's classic styles, based on vintage models from the 1930s to '50s, feature deep front pleats and a form-flattering cut to the derriere. This is just swell if you already happen to resemble Gene Kelly below the belt, but it's really, really great if you tend more toward the brawny Raymond Burr, or Orson Welles at his most voluptuous. In fact, Cerney says he sells more 42-inch-waist models than any other size. His range of off-the-rack and semi-custom trousers, jackets, suits, and shirts are anything but cheap—both in price and quality—but nothing of such exquisite quality ever is. Accessorize your new ensemble with the perfect tie or scarf from his faultlessly curated selection of virgin-vintage items.

Location Details

13 E. 7th St.
New York NY 10003


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