Best place to feel that your clothing is unworthy of even ironic hipster consumption (2008)

Beacon's Closet

On the surface, Beacon's Closet appears far less elitist than the city's many designer-only consignment shops. Accepting plebeian garb that doesn't boast a Marc Jacobs or Prada label, it's the one place your last-season Gap denim skirt can be exchanged for the few measly bucks it's worth. Or so one would think. Beacon's actually goes by a whole other judging criterion, one that's far more elusive and random. Try sweating it out for the five or 10 minutes Beacon's employees invite you to "look around" while they sort through your stuff (they need time to go through your slutty college castoffs and make rude comments about you in private, don't they?). Drop back a few minutes later, and you'll have your perfectly reasonable Zara white linen skirt and red H&M top handed back for being dully unacceptable, while the pud next to you with a torn Toto shirt gets the open-armed welcome, not to mention the cash. Is it that your clothes are too repulsive . . . or not repulsive enough?

Location Details

74 Guernsey St.
Brooklyn NY 11222


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