Best place to fill up on free samples while shopping in Soho (2008)

Dean & DeLuca

Shopping in Soho can be difficult and draining, and it can also make you feel very poor. Which is why I'm hanging out at the meat counter of Dean & DeLuca with two other women and we're all agreeing that the roasted chicken tastes great as we take a toothpick, stab at a heaping platter of chicken cubes, eat the delicious morsel (with big smiles for the guy behind the counter), throw away the toothpick, and repeat. By my third helping I notice the chicken is a bit bland. Thank God there are samples of saffron salt nearby. And a few feet from the salt are bread baskets—yum, sourdough, my favorite. I take a handful, walk around the counter, and take some more. If it were a smaller store with watchful employees, I might feel obliged to pretend that I wanted to buy something. Instead, with no shopping basket in hand, I head straight for the cheese counter. "Do you have any samples?" I ask. He takes out a plate of gruyère from behind the counter. Did I just eat a gourmet chicken-and-cheese sandwich for free? Yes I did.

Location Details

560 Broadway
New York NY 10012


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