Best Place to Find Out About a Sale (2008)

Given the general, almost fantastical unaffordability of basic consumer items in New York City, sales are a simple necessity, a market correction, a time when retail clerks in the city drop their con-man smirks and sell clothes for something in the ballpark of what they should actually cost. Entire classes of shoppers in the city bounce from one sale to another, and they do so less by magic than by The Curbed-affiliated website focuses entirely on New York; their agents attend sample sales (from which they send back blurry, frenzied cell-phone pics), measure the length of iPhone lines outside various Apple Stores, and, above all, arrange the myriad and confusing details of citywide store openings and one-day-only pop-up shops in one place. The site also highlights new designers and limited-edition accessories, but its less a fashion blog than a practical guide to bilking normally impregnable retail fortresses out of a couple extra bucks. Call it the socially acceptable version of smashing in your local Starbucks window.


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