Best place to find that coveted vintage keyboard (2008)

Two Lines Music

Music gearheads beyond the fledgling stage know that New York City is not the best place for finding bargains. That's really what touring is for: Troll through enough pawnshops in Boise (or Biloxi, or Bellingham) and you'll probably find that clavinet or MiniMoog in decent shape and at a reasonable price; then—here's the downer—you'll have to lug it all the way back to your place from wherever. Closer to home are those twin temples of electronic gear, Two Lines Music. If words like "Arp Axxe," "Crumar T1," "Synclavier," and "Waldorf Q" tempt you to break one (or several) of the Ten Commandments, then either stay far, far away from these stores, or come armed with a credit card that has a high available balance. Yes, that's a real Mellotron. And yes, if you look like you can afford it, they'll maybe let you touch it.


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