Best place to get grown-up kitchenware (2008)

Bowery Restaurant Supply

The fear of shelling out $350 for a frying pan is enough to keep some of us in a state of culinary arrested development. And although your apartment might be about the same size as your college dorm room, there comes a time to toss those dollar-store plastic spatulas of youth and buy a decent frying pan, paring knife, and peeler. Bowery Restaurant Supply, although seemingly identical to all the other restaurant-supply stores between Delancey and Houston, has the best selection of cookware and accessories for absurdly low prices. Said paring knife will set you back $3; stainless-steel peelers are a buck each; and an eight-and-a-half-inch non-stick frying pan is $9.95 (they start at double the price at most home stores). The sky's the limit, so spread those novice wings and stock your kitchen right.


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