Best place to get inked and otherwise adorned by real artists (2008)

Hold Fast Tattoo

In Shel Silverstein's deliciously vicious ABZ Book—A Primer for Tender Young Minds, there's a coupon that readers are invited to cut out and present to the nearest police officer in exchange for a real live pony. But the youth of today, with few exceptions, probably don't want mere ponies: They want expensive electronics and all the other cultural impedimenta in their purview. So if poor Uncle Shelby were alive today—and still desirous of crushing acquisitive young hearts—he'd probably make that coupon good for a free inking at Hold Fast Tattoo. But you, gentle reader, don't have to have your hopes dashed in such a dastardly fashion: Simply call the fine people there, book a session with Chops, Eric, Dan, or whichever touring artist is currently in residence, and prepare to become a more comely being. The quest for beauty is sometimes a painful one, but the fees here are perfectly reasonable and there are no "diggers," so you will emerge relatively unscathed. The jewel-like shop front also serves as a gallery for select specimens of the visual arts and handcrafted jewelry. But be warned: If it's Tweety Bird or some lame panther you want, you'd best go elsewhere; exquisite custom work is the name of the game here.


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