Best Place to Get Your Birthday Cake Decorated With a Fantastical Beach Scene (2008)

La Moderna Bakery

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a cake with the faces of all three Teletubbies drawn in Day-Glo green, yellow, purple, and red icing. For a mere $35 to $55, the women of LA MODERNA BAKERY will adorn a cake with just about any scene you can imagine. And they definitely don't skimp when it comes to the icing. A friend's miniature beach scene cake, complete with plastic toy sharks and pirates, featured half-inch-tall blue waves of solid icing crashing onto a sandy icing beach covered with sunbathing figurines. Some of their more popular designs include the Dominican Republic flag—with grammatically correct Spanish—and an entire baseball diamond with batter in stance and nine players in the field.

Location Details

279 Broadway
Brooklyn NY 11211


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