Best place to have African pajamas custom made for you (2008)

Djema Imports

It doesn't have to be pajamas—let's be clear. You can have practically anything made at Djema Imports. A gown, a miniskirt, a pants suit . . . even curtains. The store is Harlem's largest provider of imported African fabric, and the selection is overwhelming. The 1,000-square-foot space is filled with neat rolls of printed cotton, rare and beautiful mud cloths, and accessories like hats, beads, and bags. If it's all too much to wrap your little head around, the owners and tailors can help. They know what region each design comes from and what will work best for the garment of your dreams. Customized pieces take just two weeks to complete. The most popular styles are wrap skirts, blouses, and head wraps for women, and dashikis and kufis for men. These can even be ordered and customized online. But for inspiration, the store is the next best thing to a shopping trip to Africa.


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