Best place to plot the perfect murder (2008)

Partners & Crime Mystery Booksellers

Whether you're in the market for a handy how-to guide to regicide, parricide (either matricide or patricide), deicide, democide, mariticide, uxoricide, infanticide, and the related filicide and fratricide, or you're simply looking to brush up on your knowledge of garden-variety homicide or suicide, the Partners & Crime Mystery Booksellers is your one-stop shopping haven. Step down into this semi-basement of iniquity and you'll find yourself in the estimable company of Dalziel and Pascoe, Miss Marple, Inspector Banks, Reg Wexford, Monk (both Anne Perry's wolfish Victorian sleuth and that twitchy guy from the USA Network series), the talented Mr. Ripley himself, and their spiritual godfathers Monsieur Dupin and the great Sherlock Holmes. All the usual suspects—including Agatha Christie, Reginald Hill, Patricia Highsmith, Peter Robinson, Ruth Rendell (as well as her alter ego Barbara Vine), and Josephine Tey—are present and accounted for, as are others in the shop's vast selection of works new and old by rising stars and more obscure authors. The shelves of out-of-print, rare, and other hard-to-find works are especially tempting for those with an abiding taste for literary mayhem, high and low.


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