Best Place to Practice High School Debate-Team Skills (2008)

Chinatown Designer Purse Vendors

Ahh, the awkward art of haggling over material goods. The lurking question being "Exactly who is getting screwed?" At the CHINATOWN DESIGNER PURSE VENDORS there are many unknowns: Are any of these Prada bags real? Can I find better prices down the street? If I pretend I'm not crazy about the bag I am crazy about, will it be cheaper? Is this legal? Will friends and admirers be able to tell this bag is illegit? If they can't tell—is it real? What is reality? But at pay time, thoughts are snapped back to the nitty-gritty. This is when ex-debaters can really strut their stuff. Statement, rebuttal, statement, rebuttal, feigned shock, feigned exit, "hesitant" (yet hair-trigger) return, closing argument, sale!


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