Best place to wine and dine your dog (2008)

Dream Dog

Feel like doing something special for Tinkerbell? Take her to the Dream Dog spa at the Benjamin Hotel. Inside the suite, a stuffed-animal dog toy and a welcome card with Tinkerbell's name on it await. If you go out on the town, Tinkerbell can just lounge about in the room in her terrycloth bathrobe with "Dream Dog" embroidered near the gold hemline. If you're too tired to walk her, just slip on the complimentary Dog on Television DVD, and Tinkerbell will be absorbed in a virtual dog run. When you finally return, you can enjoy a feast together: Scooter Foods delivers hand-prepared gourmet dog food to the Benjamin's canine guests—and don't worry, if Tinkerbell's a vegetarian, they also make a tofu version. The Benjamin offers other pet services on demand as well: pet spas like Pup Culture and Biscuits and Bath, a pet psychic, behaviorists, and pet sitters. One time they were even asked for a dog Reiki session; the practitioner arrived at the suite within a half hour. It's a doggy dream come true.


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