Best Places to Check Your E-Mail for Free (2008)

Canal Jeans; NYU Bobst Library; JFK Airport

There is no more disturbing insult to urban culture than the Internet coffeehouse, or businesses that charge you—by the half-hour, and by the balls—to check your e-mail. Fuck them. Try the basement of CANAL JEANS (504 Broadway, 226-1130), where four iMacs are waiting for you. One catch: You need a photo ID and a $20 deposit or credit card. However, if you're sitting in Washington Square Park pissing the day away and need the latest ground zero developments, walk inside the NYU BOBST LIBRARY (70 Washington Square South, 998-2520) and laugh at the guards who keep the gates of the library's Internet terminals. They'll ask you for a student ID. So what? Bypass security: Take a sharp left into the Bobcat's Den, the student lounge, and find three more iMacs. If you find yourself at JFK AIRPORT (Terminal 6, Queens, 1-800-JETBLUE) with bounteous time to kill, go to the Jet Blue terminal, where eight free computers have no time limits, no hidden charges, and no fees.


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