Pretending to be professional in New York is hard work. Especially when your fax number happens to be the same as the local deli's and your business card comes standard issue—a beer-soaked cocktail napkin. But just because you have no real employer doesn't mean you have to have shabby, self-made stationery. TEIGMAN PRESS is a small, forgotten, antiquated print shop buried under 100 feet of dust from the Williamsburg Bridge. The fancy stationery stores, like Papivore and Kate's Paperie, will charge at least $200, then have you wait two weeks, to have something done the antique way—real ink, real plates, imprinted under 500-degree heat. Allen will do it, for antique prices, but he won't understand why. "We have computers today, you know?" he says, scratching his head. Normal hours, he claims, are weekdays from "eight or so" till "four or so." So call first.

Location Details

176 Delancey
New York NY 10002


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