Best proof that Mom and Pops are still the No. 1 providers (2008)

The Hardware

Fuck Home Depot! The so-called "You can do it. We can help" hardware super-franchise doesn't vibe with the needs of urban homeowners. What's up with closing stores between 9 p.m. and midnight? Any home-care provider worth its weight in salt knows that major shit doesn't break down until the wee hours of the morning in this tenant-packed city. Plus, the staff isn't fluent in woman-speak: What part of "I need that sticky thingamajig that goes under the toilet" don't they get? The female homeowner gets no respect. Now, the folks over at The Hardware are open 24/7, and their staff is progressively she-lingual. So when I say, "Papi, do you have any gooey wall stuff?", what I get back is: "Ay, si, mami—you need a putty knife with that?" To top it off, the spot has an adjoining plumbing store (Kevin & Richard Plumbing Supplies) that caters to all after-hours emergencies. Need a radiator at 1 a.m. or a new toilet at 3 a.m.? This is the place for you. No matter what time you show up, the overnight crew will interrupt their card game and hook you up. So, yeah, I still hit up the Depot for nails and garbage bags, but when it comes to fixing the ceiling that caved in at dawn, I head straight to the ultimate provider.


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