Best reason to be a grown-up (2008)

Kee's Chocolate Shop.

Somebody please start playing the violin, because this is about to get pretty weepy. I was a poor kid growing up, and the little money that seemed to come in went out to Pop's bookie pretty fast. I remember loan sharks politely asking me, "Hey kid, where's your father, he's due some late-payment physical therapy." On the flip side of this coin was a palace of wonder on Metropolitan Ave: Minnie's Candy Store. We weren't too bright, but my brother Peter and I were smart enough to befriend the local candy store owner's son. So we sort of had a special arrangement, gobbling up free candy at will. Then, alas, we grew up and the free sugar train ended. Now, since I have to actually pay for my goodies, I find my money is never better spent than at Kee's Chocolate Shop. Opened in 2002 by Kee Ling Tong, who can be found hand-making her little cocoa orgasms for the mouth six days a week at this tiny Soho shop, Kee's offers flavors like crème brûlée, honey kumquat, blood orange, and black sesame. You may quickly realize that you are not a kid in a candy store anymore, but this is actually kind of great, because nobody can tell you you're buying too much. Chocolates are $1.75 each. A box of 6 is $10.50; a box of 12 is $21.00; a box of 16 is $28.00; a box of 18 is $31.50; and a box of 24 is $42.00.


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