Best reason to cut the Netflix cord (2008)

New York Public Library

They're not proud, all those movie nerds checking out DVDs from the local public library, but they are smart. Instead of handing Netflix a monthly $16.99 plus tax for three DVDs at a time, they're hauling home films by the half-dozen—for free. The New York Public Library offers something like 23,000 titles, from wide-release blockbusters to obscure documentaries. You can get a card free by presenting a photo ID with your city address on it at any of the 86 branches. Manage your account online—just look up the films you want and ask to have them sent to the branch of your choice. They'll show up in your account summary as ready for checkout, or you can sign up for an e-mail alert. Yes, you only get the movies for a week—two weeks if you renew the loan. And, yes, you will sometimes have to wait. If you've just got to see Titanic, for instance, you'll have to wait in line with 88 other customers. But Spinal Tap could be playing at your house in 48 hours. It's not for wimps, this library thing, but it does beat paying. Even Netflix's new $4.99 plan can't come close. More information at

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127 E. 58th St.
New York NY 10022


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