Best shop for burlesque performers looking for glam trim (2008)


Any diva worth her salt in vaudevillian show business knows that when it's time to make a set of killer pasties and a pair of bejeweled knickers, you can't skimp on the glitz. Donning unforgettably original ensembles helps separate you from the flock. That said, tassel-twirlers hoping to invent a showstopping masterpiece can nab a plethora of eye-popping materials at B&Q. Every inch of the store is covered in shine: The walls are lined with glittery gold and silver; the counter tops are covered in sparkling diamonds (fake, of course) and feathered appliqués. There are even whimsical boas floating down from the ceiling and basic pieces to get you started on a headdress. Behold, a star is born.


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