Best Shop for Things Made of Trees (2008)


At the wonderfully out-of-place store for rustic wooden crafts called IN THE WOODS, smack in the middle of St. Marks Place—the door a bit concealed below street level—you can find all kinds of hand-carved, bark-trimmed items you thought were only available in such quantity at Renaissance festivals. Beautiful bird's-eye-maple cutting boards make unique wedding gifts, while inexpensive knickknacks like animal-shaped ornaments, toy cars, and cooking utensils are perfect holiday "sidesaddles," as my mom would say. A do-it-yourself gift giver can decorate the raw lathe-carved candleholders and vases. At the end of this whirlwind journey through ye olde craft forest, however, the owner at the cash register yanks you back into reality with her trademark New York crotchetiness.

Location Details

9 St. Marks Place
New York NY 10003


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