Best Source of Knickknacks and Collectibles for Kitsch-Crazed Queens (2008)

Howdy Do

Child, if you're like me, you probably see Barbarella, Michelangelo Antonioni movies, and old Aaron Spelling television miniseries occupying the same cultural hemisphere. Howdy Do, the cozy little collectibles shop in the East Village, would do much for that inner fishy child inside you. It's filled wall-to-wall with scores of fabulous little remnants of American junk culture. Weeble Wobbles and other toys of the '60s and '70s share space with the ne'er-seen Blythe doll. Stacks of Margaret Keane's paintings of impossibly doe-eyed children rest against one wall, books and magnets of Colt muscle models and vintage lunchboxes line the other. It's stunning to see this much stuff crammed into one space.


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