Best Spot to Get Last-Minute Gifts/Save Your Relationship on Valentine's Day (2008)

The Vendors On and Below Houston Street

Dear Journal: Valentine's Day is today, but it is so hard to shop for my Michel. He's picky about his aesthetic and he's that strange French/New York combination of jaded and whimsical. He won't want anything from a department store . . . and a boutique wouldn't be edgy enough for him! I know what I'll do! Why didn't I think of this earlier? I'll go to all THE VENDORS ON AND BELOW HOUSTON STREET! Like Basquiat, the wares are artistic yet trendy, cheap yet classy. Yeah! A chunky necklace, Tibetan sandals, a leather bracelet, and a painting for his wall. He'll never leave me (which, Dear Journal, is essential, because he really increases my LES value with his beret, tight pants, and cool fa-cial hair. Plus, he doesn't care if I shave)! Whoops! Only 10 minutes till our reservation at Balthazar—I hope it's as good as his mom's cooking. Better dash!


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