Best spot to grab a used book and a corn dog (2008)

Freebird Books & Goods

Books and coffee go hand in hand. "But books and corn dogs?" you ask. Don't be silly—of course they do. Freebird Books & Goods, with its lovely secluded patio, extensive collection of used and new books, and, yes, corn dogs, is the perfect place to make a lazy Sunday afternoon of it. (Coffee, tea, wine, and beer are also sold for traditionalists.) Spend some time digging in the shop's musty aisles, where hardcovers and paperbacks are stacked in teetering piles to the ceiling, and you're bound to find a gem, including books from small Brooklyn publishing companies and other indie publishers. Check out readings (Amy Hempel, Jonathan Ames, and Phillip Lopate have all made appearances), acoustic music performances, and writing classes for children and adults. Like many worthwhile spots in the city, Freebird is off the beaten path, located on the Brooklyn waterfront just before you hit Red Hook. Sometimes the shop's so empty, you can pretend you're enjoying your own library and garden apartment.

Location Details

123 Columbia St.
Brooklyn NY 11231


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