Best store to feel like a fat American in (2008)


With such generous sizing in U.S. clothing stores, it's easy for ladies to be tricked into thinking that at a size six, they're small enough to fit into almost anything they want. That's when a trip to a shop like Anemone can provide one harsh reality check. The Nolita store pulls in browsers with a selection of charmingly abbreviated peacoats and bubble skirts that actually look flattering on the hanger—it's only when you try something on that you realize it's sized for a three-pound Asian woman. "Who fits into these clothes?" you wonder aloud, wrestling with a shirt that binds your breasts up around your armpits and a skirt that fits you like a tourniquet. "Not big fat Americans who brought us McDonald's and George Bush and screw-your-neighbor piggy capitalism," the clothes silently reply.

Location Details

6 Prince St.
New York NY 10012


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