Best store to find designer clothes that could have been on That '70s Show (2008)

Apt 141

May 18, 2006, was a very sad day for millions, as the last episode of That '70s Show aired. Although there will always be re-runs, a more tangible way to fill this void is a shopping spree at Apt 141, a small boutique whose unique designs speak to the relaxed earthiness that dominated the female wardrobes on that TV hit. Simply slip on a wrap dress in an autumn shade, add some gold jewelry, don matching sparkly heels, and voilà—you're a perfect Jackie. Feeling lower maintenance? Then tie on a funky kimono tunic, throw on some denim bells, and be Donna for the day. As you debate which look to purchase, the soothing background lounge tunes add to the pleasant realization that, although these threads are often one of a kind, their prices, as well as their aesthetic, are crystallized in that disco decade. So be excessive, buy both looks—after all, doesn't everyone have a little bit of Jackie and Donna in them?


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