Best Street-Vending Strip (2008)

Brooklyn's Fulton Street

Nostalgic for pre-Giuliani days, when street vendors beautified the concrete of 125th Street? Well, dream no more—outdoor shopping thrives on Brooklyn's Fulton Street, where flags of every black nation line the avenue. Side-by-side immigrants in traditional garb from Africa, India, and the West Indies offer an array of merchandise and culture, from CDs, electronics, phones, socks, and bags to incense, oils, and handmade jewelry and sandals. Art lovers can bask in the surrealism of the sculptures hand-carved by the dreds on the strip. You want it; you'll get it here! Not only is the experience aesthetically and spiritually invigorating, but prices are dirt cheap. A CD selling at Tower Records for $18 can be purchased here for 10 bucks. Can you dig it? Take the A train to the Nostrand Avenue stop in Brooklyn.


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