Best Strip to Shop for Hoochie-Mama Gear (2008)

West 14th Street

There's plenty of the same mass-produced-in-Korea cheap fly-gear made from dubious man-made fibers on 34th Street. But that thoroughfare is overrun with northern European tourists and Midtown hustlers. West 14th Street, however, is imprinted with the hood's Latin flavor and civic-minded folks who blare the newest-latest salsa for your edification. Day-Glo orange cutout jumpsuits, silver PVC hot pants, leopard platforms, gold door-knocker earrings—a whole mess of haute hoochie threads—can be got in the muy barato bargain barns for under 50 bucks, while the smaller "boutiques" with spurious Italian- or French-sounding names (e.g., "Avante") outfit the striving, more fashion-conscious Dominican office girls.


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