Best T-shirts for angry boys (2008)


Chuck Guarino, co-founder of THECAST clothing, doesn't seem like an angry young man. With his curly hair and friendly eyes, his manner is mellow, affable, possibly slightly stoned. But the sexy shirts he and Ryan Turner design tell a different story. The distressed tees, printed with water-based ink on a single press in a basement on Ludlow Street, are resplendent with twining serpents, fierce eagles, grinning skulls, Old West outlaws, bat skeletons, and all manner of knives. Designs have titles such as Wreath With Dead Hanging Sheep and Death Skull. Even the basement workshop, cluttered with sample garments and fabric swatches, boasts more than its fair share of bones and taxidermy animal heads. "Discolored, distressed, and printed by hand," THECAST shirts feature pictures that are precise but never ornate; meticulous but dangerous too—fit to adorn even the most sullen breast. As Guarino explains, "We just kind of go with the imagery that belongs on the shirt. We thrash up the shirts a little, so it wouldn't make sense to have something really pretty." Boys who prefer their shirts unpretty can find the tees at Odin, La Di Da, and Steven Alan.


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