Best teapots that look like chemistry sets (2008)


Christmas morning 1983 I unwrapped one of the coolest presents I ever received, my very own chemistry set. Imagining myself a junior mad scientist, I used the beakers, vials, and test tubes to mix up important tinctures like invisible ink for writing secrets in my diary. Later, when chemistry was a requirement and grades depended on making my potions in class do unimaginative things like turn cloudy or not blow up, I realized that real science was not for me. But I never gave up my love of laboratory glass. Whipping up a batch of tea in a Bodum teapot, I can imagine myself winning the Nobel Prize for having just brewed a cure for cancer. The all glass De Chine teapot ($24.95) allows you to watch the brewing process, miraculously transforming the water to a light brown "tea" color before your eyes. The finished beverage can then be poured into space age Pavina double-wall tumblers ($14.95 for set of two). The thermal glasses hold hot or cold liquid suspended a half-inch above the table, making the most pedestrian beverages seem like scientific breakthroughs. Now if I could only get all those petri dish leftover experiments out of the fridge.

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