TG 170 has sold clothes on Ludlow Street for nine years—practically before gentrification was a glint in a landlord's eye. The stock has changed plenty in that time, but not the governing spirit—TG 170 still provides some of the edgiest, girliest, fiercest, and most gorgeous clothes around. The racks hold 90 percent local designers (like Lauren Moffat or Kathy Kemp) and a few L.A. or London imports. Muscle-girl tees rub shoulders with princess dresses; sensible Petit Bateau shirts nestle alongside naughty bikinis. You can pass an afternoon just fingering the goods, but most of the fun is trying them on, as the dressing rooms are flatteringly lit and decorated with painted flowers and art nouveau frills.

Location Details

77 Ludlow St.
New York NY 10002


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