Best Utterly Confusing Quasi-Retail Outlet (2008)

The Heartbreaking Store of Staggering Genius

This category could also have been called "Best Place to Buy Little Rubber Cubes." The Park Slope storefront in question doesn't even seem to have an official name—also, its phone number is unlisted, and the hours sign on the door is deliberately uncommunicative—but we like to call it THE HEARTBREAKING STORE OF STAGGERING GENIUS. As far as shopping experiences that involve teeny dioramas, lumberjacking supplies, identical items with randomly assigned prices, models of bird feet cast in pewter, and extensive annotations from Dave Eggers go, you can't do much better. I mean, you can buy copies of McSweeney's elsewhere, but can you look at developing state-fair-grade pumpkins at the same time?


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