Sure they still stock a fair share of studio offal (The Other Sister, anyone?), but Two Boots pizza and video had Kieslowski's Dekalog months before I saw it anywhere else. In fact, the compact, brightly painted store overflows with cinephiles' picks. Two Boots kicks ass with its extensive "Great Directors" section as well as solid collections of foreign flicks and docs. And the shelves demarcated "Twisted" display an impressive array of Russ Meyer and Radley Metzger, as well as such rarities as The Sinful Dwarf. But it's the intelligent, affable staff that really sets Two Boots apart. Unlike the denizens of other Downtown video emporia (Kim's, anyone?), the cutie-pie Two Boots' employees radiate neither ennui nor disgust. They well know Todd Haynes from Todd Solondz from Thelma Todd, but will remain remarkably unruffled if you don't.

Location Details

42 Ave. A
New York NY 10009


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