Best vintage store in need of dressing-room mirrors (2008)

10 ft. Single by Stella Dallas

Brooklyn vintage spot 10 ft. Single by Stella Dallas is pleasantly affordable (most dresses are under $35), has an impressively ungrazed T-shirt section (most were $15, including a classy tee stating "I’d Rather Be 40 Than Pregnant"), and accessories galore ('70s mint-condition aviators for $13). But all of this too-good-to-be-true-ness comes at a nasty price: no dressing-room mirrors. Where are you supposed to do your very private "How do I look?" routine? Where you rubberneck to do an ass check, or put your hand on your hip and pretend to be having a hilarious conversation with someone? Out in the open. Sad souls with trouble eyeballing outdated cuts must saunter over to two mirrors—in the middle of the store!—to realize that a poorly judged pair of high-waisted jeans makes them look both pregnant and 40. Naturally, everyone in the place cares deeply about what you look like in said jeans, and all shriek with horror when you emerge from the room. Or it least it feels that way. Call it a case of self-obsessed silliness or not, the setup is just plain cruel and unusual (though the finds are totally worth it).


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