Best Way To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth and Help Out a Girls? Club (2008)

Sweet Things Bake Shop

Say that youre roaming downtown, needing a sugar fix, and you want to be a do-gooder, too. The easiest thing to do is visit Sweet Things Bake Shop and start indulging. Since 1990, the stores been operated by the Lower East Side Girls Club, where a dozen teenagers participate in a job-training program supervised by a pair of local community mothers with long ties to the club (one being a former member) and impressive gastronomic backgrounds (including training at the Institute of Culinary Education). In addition to making the dessert goodies, the girls also get schooled in business skills so theyre proficient in sales. The hottest items are the brownies and cupcakes, with the hand-painted butter cookie as their signature sweet. But theres competition coming this the election season: Theyre also offering elephant cookies for Republicans and donkey cookies for Dems, or a mix of both for bipartisan folks.

Location Details

136 Ave. C
New York NY 10009


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