Best Whimsical Impulse-Buy Store (2008)

Lunettes et Chocolat

For some reason, the wares on offer in Nolita's LUNETTES ET CHOCOLAT—eyeglasses and chocolate, as the high school French students among you already knew—are perfect complements to one another. There's something refreshing about a boutique that knows exactly what it wants to sell, and doesn't need to cram in a lot of scented candles and handmade journals and the other detritus that fill most of this store's neighbors. But the best reason to visit this store is for an unlikely impulse buy. Stop in to pick up a last-minute Valentine's Day gift and decide to reinvent yourself with a pair of Gucci glasses, or stop in to browse the frames and leave with a selection of sweets instead. The whole thing might well be a nefarious plot cooked up by a husband-and-wife optometrist-and-dentist team, but Lunettes et Chocolat offers a nice bit of kookiness in the increasingly staid downtown shop scene.


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