Best Williamsburg shopping for guys' clothes (2008)


Dude, I feel ya, bro: Sometimes even the most die-hard fashionisters (the male counterpart of fashionistas, natch) need a respite from the trucker hat and the ironic pink unicorn tees. At this point, the irony overload has you so fuddled you can't even remember if you grew that Magnum, P.I. 'stache like "for reals" or for "wink-winks." But sometimes getting spruced up can be cool, even fun. The best place in the 'Burg for men's threads is the eclectic boutique Pop: Besides having a great selection of gals' clothes and even arty housewares, Pop has quite affordable selections from respected designers like Ben Sherman, Spiewak, Penguin, and many more. Being a smaller chain (there's only one other—the original flagship store is based in D.C.), Pop carries only a limited number of any particular item, so having 10 other peeps on your block rockin' the same outfit is fairly unlikely. You can also get jeans, bags, wallets, shades, jewelry (for the ladies, or not), and—in case you just can't resist—even T-shirts, some with appropriately snarky sloganry attached.


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