Best anatomically correct lollipops (2008)

Pink Pussycat Boutique

You know how it is: Some days you crave sugar. Some days you crave cock. And some days your cravings join forces and you just have to have a giant lollipop shaped like a veiny, engorged penis. For days like those, the only place to be is Pink Pussycat Boutique. Stationed between head shops, bong dealers, and wide-mouthed blow-up dolls, Pink Pussycat lacks the slick chic of upscale toy shops like Babeland. But what it's missing in class, it makes up for in color: bright pink both inside and out, complete with a real live kitty snoozing in the window—this is a sex store with a heart of gold. The toy selection is so-so, but there are enough joke items here to keep a bride-to-be entertained for an eternity of bachelorette parties. Also, where else could you find such sexual miscellanea as a make-your-own pole-dancing kit? Between that and the lollipop, you might just be set on poles for life.


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