Best ballpark to cheer for your minor-league team in (2008)

Brooklyn Cyclones

If you said that the Cyclone is still the best ride at Coney Island, you wouldn't be far off, because watching the Brooklyn Cyclones play ball at Coney Island's KeySpan Park is a real roller coaster of thrills. Seeing the New York Mets' class-A-affiliate team in action is part of an evening spent enjoying beer and hot dogs. Just like the major leagues, there are two opposing teams battling it out, but without the distraction of superstar players, you're able to focus on the crowd and your part in it. Take your pick of crazy characters: Pee-wee—a scrawny guy in a chicken suit— or the lady who chats with him, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the guy's a chicken. The folks at KeySpan Park are determined to entertain you, offering contests between innings and free promotions galore. This is Brooklyn at its best: Feel the ocean breeze and down a few beers while mingling with all types of fellow New Yorkers. The season starts in June.


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