Best Bathroom for Getting It On in Private (2008)

Hotel on Rivington

You and your partner are shopping at Babeland for some new love trinkets and cant wait to get home to try them out. Hey, weve all been there. Luckily, the Hotel on Rivington is just a block away. Whats that? Dont have $500 to spare for a room? Relaxjust have a drink at the ground-floor bar. Politely excuse yourself to use the restroom. Go through the black-metal tunnel, downstairs, into the gothic hall of doors. Enter the one on your far rightyour personal six-by-four-foot chamber. Lock the heavy, sound-muffling door behind you. Check yourself out in the wall of mirrors. Admire how your thighs look almost cellulite-free in the dim mood lighting. Wash your hands at your own porcelain sink, perched atop a glossy, table-like wooden shelf, roomy enough for two. Looks like you have a room at the Hotel on Rivington after all.

Location Details

107 Rivington St.
New York NY 10002


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