Best bowling alley– door to enlightenment (2008)

Melody Lanes

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Pete Napolitano has played drums in a jazz band and managed talent, among other things. But for the last 15 or 16 years the 55-year-old has tended the bar at Melody Lanes—as a sociological experiment. Over the years he's created a unique personal philosophy, which he insists is simple. Sporting his trademark tuxedo shirt, red bow tie, and red cummerbund, he downplays the suggestion, by an academic he knows, that he has created an "everything theory." The goal seems to be the realization and sustenance of one's creative passions. In telling it, he's as relentless as a pit bull at the heels of a walking T-bone, regularly taking napkins to the spittle that accumulates at the corners of his mouth. He is in earnest, a paragon of volubility: "These things that you create—they're alive. You breathe life into them. The painter hears the water . . . I've run out of tape, haven't I?"


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