Best combination of sex and sports (2008)

Playboy machine

For $2,149, plus $260 in shipping, you can buy your own vintage Playboy pinball machine on eBay. Or at three plays to the pair of quarters, you can skip the commitment for a fling with the bunnies at Robin des Bois, on Cobble Hill's restaurant row. Granted, the Playboy machine at the Francophile joint has seen so much balling its markings are beginning to wear off. A few of the pop-up playmates have lost their starch. Miss March is looking more Cheryl Tiegs than Farrah Fawcett, and Hugh Hefner, you'll see, looked just as scary when he could still pass for 35. The machine is prone to dysfunction, but have a little pity—it comes with a copyright notice from 1978. Is a turn at the unreliable bumpers worth a trip to Smith Street? Yes, if only for the cartoon image of bare-breasted Great-Grandma in the swimming pool. The red-light display promises entertainment for all. Trust us, baby. You'll get it.


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