Best dance studio without the attitude (2008)

Embora Wellness and Movement Studio

It's rare to find a dance studio that doesn't make most people (even some seasoned performers) want to cringe from the competitive "So you think you can dance" vibe that abounds. That's why Embora Wellness and Movement Studio is so special: Every visit feels like you're going to spend time with family. Perhaps it's because they focus on healing and overall health as well as dance—there's acupuncture, massage therapy, and nutrition counseling. Or maybe it's because the diminutive, squeaky-clean space—there's only one studio—is so intimate that it's hard not be warm and inviting. Either way, their hip-hop, belly dance, African dance, and Pilates/yoga classes are always graced with smiles from start to finish, and there's not a diva in sight.

Location Details

900 Fulton St.
Brooklyn NY 11238


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