Best dyslexic draft pick (2008)

NBA draft

Call 'em the New York Knickknacks—a perfect moniker for such a haphazard collection of bobbles. But as we head into what could be one of the most mediocre basketball seasons in Madison Square Garden history, don't rag on owner Jim Dolan and General Manager Isiah Thomas for assembling such a baffling assortment of objets d'hardwood. Maybe they need medical help. Only dyslexia (no offense to real sufferers) can explain their pick in June 28's NBA draft of Renaldo Balkman, a little-publicized forward from South Carolina. As the Gothamist and others pointed out at the time, maybe Dolan and Thomas meant to draft Rolando Blackman, who carved out a great career for the Dallas Mavericks and later the Knicks. Balkman, Blackman, Renaldo, Rolando. Let's call the whole thing off.


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