Best hot-body contest for gays, straights, lesbians, bi girls, and indie-rock boys (2008)

Rated X: The Panty Party

They tried to kill Rated X: The Panty Party three times, but they couldn't. The party has survived three different club moves, two closures, and the ire of neighbors and the police. But every Saturday night at Luke & Leroy, the latest club to host the infamous event, Peppermint Gummybear leads the lewd and the lovely into doffing all their clothes in the notorious "Hot-Body Contest." DJs and hosts Michael T and Theo rev up the crowd's horny juices before and after the contest, spinning sexy rock, postpunk, and new dance tunes. The contestants range from pretty all-American straight girls and scruffy indie rockers with tattoos to androgynous lesbians and primping Chelsea boys with buff bods. The crowd is just as mixed, and the winners (who nab a nifty $100) are never predictable.


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