Best place to get schooled in Ping-Pong on Friday nights (2008)

Brownstone Billiards

Posted all around, cartoon signs explaining house etiquette recommend that patrons vow, "I will control my temper and language when things do not go right." But you may have a hard time keeping your cool when you find yourself soundly spanked by the table tennis experts who haunt the turquoise-walled expanse of Park Slope's Brownstone Billiards. You are not advised to challenge the sweat-flecked Haitian men to a friendly match—they arrive for an evening toting duffel bags stuffed with Gatorade bottles and multiple pairs of sneakers. (Perhaps they change into the extras to perform their jaunty victory dances.) Nor should you take on the wiry Vietnamese youths who stand alarmingly far from the tables and slam the balls back and forth with preternatural calm. However, if you find your lack of Ping-Pong prowess too depressing, you can attempt to get your own back during an air hockey session or a game at one of the subterranean club's 36 billiard tables. Though the snack bar tends toward bottled juices and fluorescent nachos, the staff turns a blind eye toward any and all bottles and six-packs you might bring to enhance your play or salve your defeat.

Location Details

308 Flatbush Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11238


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