Best place to hear about Scrabble fetishes (2008)

Sex Workers Art Show

Sex workers don't usually get a ton of respect, let alone their own art show. But that's all changing these days, thanks to Ms. Annie Oakley and the other (current and ex-) sex workers who make up this heady, hilarious, and downright hot night of burlesque. Now in its fifth year, the Sex Workers Art Show gives voice to sex-industry veterans of all shapes and sizes—from male prostitutes to racially mixed exotic dancers to plus-size phone-sex operators. Expect stripteases, politically charged performance art, and laugh-out-loud-funny short-story readings. Who would've thought a john could pay in furniture—or guessed that there was such a thing as a board-game fetishist? The show tours annually between January and March, changes each year, and mainly stops at colleges. Keep an eye on for a list of New York performances in their upcoming tour


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