Best place to postpone the sexual inevitable (2008)

Staten Island Ferry

You're out on the town with someone you know you'll end up in bed with. It's late and you've been talking for hours, savoring that easy burgeoning intimacy that's as much foreplay as it is conversation. You're not ready to hit the sheets—at least not yet—but you don't want to hang out in another dreary bar. Take your honey by the hand and dash down to the Staten Island Ferry. The boats leave approximately every half-hour, and if you go after midnight it's quiet and fairly deserted. You and your soon-to-be bed buddy can hold hands, gaze longingly into each other's eyes, stroll the decks, and marvel at the New York City skyline reflected in the placid water—it's terribly romantic. Snog till you just can't stand it anymore . . . and be back in the city in about an hour, to let the inevitable begin.


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