Best place to strip for free and still pay $16 a drink (2008)

Penthouse Executive Club

A few years back, the Penthouse Executive Club introduced striptease classes as a fresh idea for bachelorette parties. Granted, learning how to strip for your dude sounds more like a gift for him than for you, but compared with other appealing bachelorette party options—doing the buck-wild grind with Gotti boy rejects at Culture Club or shelling out for a big gay stripper named Blade—these strip classes are quite the winner. But here's the rub: You and your girlfriends get naked in the back room, pay $25 per person for the tutorial, and then shell out about $16 for a mixed drink. Strangely enough, that's about the same price that the guys in the front room pay for cocktails while they get a free look at what the girls are doing in the back room. Topless in a strip club, and a lady still can't pull a discount on a Bud Light.


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