Best place to take your straight friends to buy sex toys (2008)

Leather Man

If you're the guy in your circle of friends who's been around the block a few times or is known to have taken a less than straightforward path, then chances are you're also the one who gets asked to share your arcane knowledge about esoteric sexual practices. So when someone you care for decides to take a walk on the wild side and asks you all about snakebite kits and ball gags, strap-ons and e-stim, gently take him/her in hand and head over to the Leather Man. Though this historic West Village shop is mostly geared toward gay men with serious cowhide-bondage-s/m fetishes, the friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff will happily explain the use and abuse of the thousands of interesting (and sometimes frightening) items they stock, without embarrassing you or your curious friend. Sex is their business, and these gents are consummate professionals. There's also a well-curated selection of DVDs and magazines, as well as how-to books designed for serious, in-depth home study. It's a little pricey, perhaps, but the merch is of much higher quality than the shoddy goods offered at those creepy, touristy sex shops scattered along the same street.


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